Fly-Fishing Adventure

Guenter Kast

Brown & Rainbow Trout were stocked in the Maletsunyane River in the late 50’s. Semonkong Lodge offers fly fisherman a pristine piece of river with amazing fishing opportunities.

ONLY FLY-FISHING IS PERMITTED and a policy of releasing all fish must be adhered to. The trout season is closed from the month of May through August.

LSL150.00 per person per day which is a Maletsunyane River Conservation Fund& Guiding.  We insist that all Fishermen go with one of our guides.  A portion is paid to the Guide and the rest of the money funds the Maletsunyane River Conservation Fund, whereby we hire local guides to help clean the river of all pollution.  These past few months we have taken out over 400 black refuse bags of rubbish.  Not only do we help clean the environment, we are sending our Head guides to all the local schools to educate our Youth on Environmental Awareness & the importance it has on all of our future.