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The mighty Maletsunyane Falls in Lesotho, one of the highest single dropping waterfalls in Africa, creates a haze of smoke as the water plummets 186 metres into a spectacular gorge. It is from this smoke that Semonkong – The Place of Smoke – gets its name.

Lesotho is a small independent nation, in the middle of Southern Africa. It is known as the Mountain Kingdom. Thaba Ntlenyana (3482m) the highest peak in Southern Africa is found in the north of Lesotho, and geographically most of the country consists of high mountain ranges, which have been carved out by rivers. All these rivers flow into the Senqu River (Orange River) and then into the Atlantic Ocean.

A substantial percentage of the population live on the flat plateau referred to as the Lowlands, leaving the Highland areas sparsely populated.

The summer is the wet season with regular thunderstorms in the afternoons. The winter is the dry season, the temperature often dropping below zero. When a frontal weather system moves through, the mountains are often covered in snow. Snow has been recorded all year round in Semonkong, although it is rare outside the period of April to October. The summer temperature in the mountains rarely exceeds 28°C and may drop below -10°C in the winter. When preparing a trip to Lesotho, whether it is the summer or the winter, on foot or in 4 wheel drives, you must always have warm clothing.


A different perspective of a waterfall, a gorge & life in general

Cindy, RSA 10/06/08

Excellent support, felt extremely comfortable at all times. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to explore the nature of Lesotho

Andrea, Canadian 21/11/08

The Falls was gorgeous plus the entire experience from the training to the real deal was exceptional

Carol, USA 10/04/10